A policy revision which came into force late last year, restricting police cars to serious crime, today drew criticism from MP Brian Bergen (R-Denville), who argued that a change in policy could lead to an increase in crime.

“Criminals steal cars to hide their identities because they are committing other crimes, and now police cannot prosecute a possible stolen car,” Bergen said in a statement. “It’s ridiculous and irresponsible. I support our police and demand that the administration start treating them as professionals and stop handcuffing them at every turn. ”

Theoretically, police officers can no longer initiate a car chase if the driver is speeding or recklessly driving, unless the officer believes that the driver “poses an immediate threat to the safety of the public or other officials” – a relatively wide gap. If the officer “reasonably believes” that the driver has committed a felony, such as murder, theft or arson, the policy allows the pursuit of the vehicle.

The revision came into force under former Acting Attorney General Andrew Brook; Since then, Brooke has replaced acting Attorney General Matt Platkin, whom Bergen has urged to change policy.

“The new Attorney General, Matt Platkin, must immediately repeal this politically motivated and completely pointless policy,” Bergen said. “It’s time to see if this Attorney General is interested in public safety or politics, and this is his first test.”

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