PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – A water supply disruption in July in the Queen Village area of ​​Philadelphia continues to cause problems for neighbors.

On Saturday, Action News spoke to residents who say they are disappointed and want everything resolved.

“Eight months have passed in February,” said resident Susan Stahl.

Some residents say that around 6th and Bainbridge streets in July the area looked like a river.

Some said they lost everything after water poured into their homes and knocked out windows. The water supply system is about 130 years old and needs time to be repaired.

“With a dog and things like that, I’m just trying to walk around the neighborhood. It’s hard to maneuver because you come out of the whole area where you live. It’s sad,” said Shane Shands.

Employees of nearby stores say it has affected their business at a time when they are already struggling because of the pandemic.

“It definitely affected our business in the sense that we don’t get that much pedestrian traffic. It’s hard for people to come to the store to park near the store,” said Anna Saeski, Lobo Mau’s manager.

The City of Philadelphia sent the following statement to Action News:

“Given the size of the main gap on 6th and Bainbridge, as well as the need to repair plumbing infrastructure, several affected utilities and streets, the timing of the restoration of the intersection is within expected standards.

Immediately after the main break, the Philadelphia Water Department informed the public and customers that the repairs would take many months.

When work began in October, we met with neighbors to tell them that from that date to complete about six months, and work will hopefully end in April 2022.

It seems that all utilities and road repairs are being completed by the expected completion date.

We understand the frustration of those in the community and appreciate their patience as we coordinate with our utility partners to complete the work as soon as possible. ”

Adam Wolf says a break in the water supply has stopped the opening of his new restaurant.

“It’s very annoying when every step along the way has been disappointing, you know we signed a lease three weeks later and we lost the building due to a water main breach,” said Wolf, owner of Redcrest Kitchen.

A PECO spokesman said they would install a new manhole and launch a new canal.

The expected completion may take about three to four weeks.

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