CHERRY HILL – A few more months before the opening, but many here want to lower the curtain on the planned musical about the infamous murder, commissioned by the then famous rabbi Fred Neulander.

“This is our story,” Drew Molotsky, president of the M’kor Shalom Congregation in Cherry Hill, said Monday about the assassination of Carol Neulander, the rabbi’s wife, in November 1994.

“It’s about our friends and our community, and it’s very serious for us,” Molotsky said.

But one Los Angeles theater said the play “Evil Soul in Cherry Hill” was written “with humor and impudence.”

The Geffen Playhouse also described the production, which is expected to run from June 21 to July 24, as “a true crime story told entirely through song.”

Malatsky renounced this approach to the deadly beating of Carol Neulander, an entrepreneur, community and mother of three.

“Destroying it or using it for entertainment value is not something we will ever tolerate,” he said.

Carol Neulander, bakery owner, mother and wife of Rabbi Cherry Hill Fred Neulander, was killed to death in 1994.  Her husband and two others were convicted in a notorious hired murder case.

Fred Neulander, who founded M’kor Shalom in 1974, was convicted in 2002 for paying two men for lethally beating his wife at the couple’s house so he could continue the romance. Now 80 years old, he is serving a life sentence for murder without parole until June 2030.

Molotsky’s comments came a few days after a similar statement by one of Neulander’s children.

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