The Murphy administration has announced 11 grants for bike lanes totaling $ 5.9 million to help promote local bike lane projects in nine counties.

“Investing in bike lanes is helping to promote alternative modes of transport and reducing our dependence on cars,” Gov. Phil Murphy said in a February 16 statement. residents to lead a healthy lifestyle. “

At the local level, the West Windsor project will include a connection to North Post Road with the South Post Road bike path on Village Road West for a grant of $ 330,000.

The East Windsor project will be a bike path connecting the Pulte Pathway with East Windsor PAL and the East Windsor Regional School District High School, including a $ 190,000 Airport Road pedestrian crossing.

The Freedom Trail in South Brunswick will be improved with a $ 680,000 grant.

The bike path project in Albert Avenue Park in Milltown will have a grant of $ 250,000.

“The Murphy administration recognizes that transport infrastructure is more than just roads and bridges.” This is stated in a statement by NJDOT Commissioner Diana Gutierrez-Scotcheti. “Projects funded by the Bikeway Grants Program provide safe transportation alternatives that benefit cyclists and pedestrians and improve the quality of life in New Jersey.”

Traditionally, the village Grant program for bike paths It annually allocates $ 1 million in grants to counties and municipalities to promote bike lanes as an alternative mode of transportation that supports the state’s efforts to increase new miles of special bike lanes in New Jersey, the statement said. This year, an an additional $ 13.5 million has been allocated to aid grant programs, in particular for Transit village Program safe The streets to the transit program, and for bicycle and Pedestrian Services /Location.

З on $ 13.5 million, $ 4.9 million was allocated for this Grant for the bike path The program.

Each municipality and each county can submit one application.

Projects are awarded on a competitive basis taking into account new cycling kilometers, safety, communications, public services, the Complete Street Policy and the applicant’s past performance using other means of local assistance.

The Grant program for bike pathsas well as other state-funded local assistance grant programs benefit residents by allowing local governments to complete necessary road projects under their jurisdiction without burdening local taxpayers, the statement said.

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