Governor Phil Murphy said today that he had “no news” about the process of nominating a replacement for former Supreme Court Justice Faustin Fernandez-Wine, who had reached mandatory retirement age of yesterday’s 70, which means that in the foreseeable future the Supreme Court will only work with six members.

He added that he had no specific explanation as to why Fernandez-Vina’s nomination process was different than in other recent Supreme Court revelations, when Murphy nominated a candidate long before the judge’s resignation.

“No reason, anyway,” Murphy said. “We want to make sure we’re all right.”

The governor also did not comment on the confirmation process of Rachel Weiner Apter, which he nominated for the post of former Supreme Court Justice Jane LaVecchia last spring; from Wainer Apter kept suspended since then the court Supreme Court Justice Jose Fuentes as a temporary member.

But Chief Justice Stuart Rabner announced today that to keep the party balance of the court, he will do so not to be sublime another member of the Supreme Court took the place of Fernandez-Vina, a Republican. Although the next judge in line, Supreme Court Justice Clarkson Fisher, was nominated by the Republicans, he has since become a Democrat.

Shortly after Rabner’s statement, the state bar issued a statement urging Murphy to effectively bring the court to a full cohort of seven members.

“The New Jersey Bar Association is urging the governor to nominate candidates as soon as possible and work diligently with lawmakers to ensure successful confirmation of each, as envisioned by the founders of our Constitution,” the association wrote. “The Supreme Court is the pinnacle of our independent, third branch of government, and every effort must be made to ensure that it can return to full force as soon as possible.”

The main candidate to replace Fernandez-Wine is Supreme Court Judge Maritza Berdote Byrnewho was temporarily elevated last week to the Court of Appeals and who will be the first Latin American to serve on the state’s highest court.

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