“Today I have a heavy heart for the people of Ukraine. If we pray for them in this dark moment of uncertainty, it is clear that history will show that Vladimir Putin’s decision to sacrifice the lives of countless Ukrainians and Russians was made out of fear – fear of allowing a neighboring independent, sovereign nation to achieve democracy and freedom.

This unprovoked attack underscored the need to expel the current Kremlin leadership from the international community. Today should be a historic shift in the way the world looks and treats the despot in Moscow.

The United States and our allies have successfully intensified an international coalition to counter Russian aggression; now we must refuse to stand by and watch the suffering of innocent Ukrainian men, women and children. As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I am committed to ensuring that the United States fulfills our responsibility for maximizing spending on Putin, the Russian economy, and those who have allowed and contributed to this trampling of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Ukrainians are a stable and determined people. We know that they will defend their country and their freedom. And we will continue to stand with them. But tonight we pray with a whole nation, young and old, who refuses to allow the tyrant to use military force to impose his will on Ukraine. ”


“My heart is with the people of Ukraine tonight. President Putin’s unjust invasion threatens Europe’s security and puts the lives of millions at great risk. We will bring Russia to justice. #StandWithUkraine »

Congressman Donald Norcross

“I strongly condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is fully responsible for this escalation of hostilities. Despite months of multilateral talks and the participation of many of our European allies and partners, Putin has decided to deploy troops to a sovereign country.

While I was working on this issue, one thing remained the same – Putin and the Russian government are not members of democracy and do not relate to international law. President Biden has repeatedly warned that the U.S. response to Russian aggression will be swift and harsh. Although I believe that we must exhaust all diplomatic opportunities before resorting to tougher measures, it is clear that Putin is not interested in diplomacy. I therefore call for severe economic sanctions against Putin, his inner circle, their families, and the corporations and financial institutions they rely on as economic and military musculature. Putin and his Kremlin allies must be held accountable for their actions.

Putin’s actions are the culmination of ongoing efforts to sow divisions in America and Europe and cause divisions in our strongest alliances. We must now be united and show strength in our determination to confront the most serious threat to peace in Europe since World War II. “


“President Biden’s decision to finally impose sanctions on Russia, albeit in the right direction, comes too late to restrain Russia’s advance into Ukraine. Weakness has been a central theme of President Biden’s presidency – from the destruction of our own energy independence through the abolition of the Keystone XL pipeline to the failed withdrawal from Afghanistan – he has constantly shattered America’s power on the world stage.

We must return American energy to full production and lead the world in energy independence. We must stop Nord Stream 2 forever to remove Russia’s pressure on European energy needs, and we must impose harsh sanctions on Russian industry, which fuels military production. We are on the brink of the biggest war in Europe since World War II, and it’s time to act. “

Congressman Frank Polone

“A deliberate attack on Ukraine is nothing more than a complete attack on a sovereign, independent democracy. This invasion has already threatened the lives of countless innocent people and destabilized peace and cooperation in Europe. I support President Biden and his united coalition in condemning the unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. The United States will act quickly and decisively with our allies to show Putin that this invasion has no place on the European continent.

Over the past year, the United States has renewed our alliance and partnership, and our joint action will ensure the dire consequences of this violent attack. I will continue to work with the Biden administration, my colleagues in Congress and our international partners to ensure that we act as a united front to counter this threat. We must treat Putin as the bloodthirsty autocrat he is and make him pay for the unnecessary and unnecessary suffering that his actions will cause. ”

Congressman ANDY KIM

“At night, Russia declared war and attacked a free sovereign country of 44 million people. Today we must put politics aside, unite as a country and a globe against this heinous act of war. It is necessary to be unequivocal in relation to the Ukrainian people. No one can side with Putin. “

Congressman Josh Gatheimer

“Russian forces are invading Ukraine – a sovereign nation – and starting an aggressive war – it’s awful. Putin must and will meet a strong and united opposition from the United States and our democratic allies. “


“I doubt that anything could have stopped Putin from starting this brutal, senseless war. But we can help ensure that he, his regime and his supporters end up losing him. Let’s pray for the Ukrainians tonight and do our best to help them in the coming days. “


“Putin has once again demonstrated complete disregard for Ukraine’s sovereignty. His decision to attack Ukraine is dangerous and will harm many. We must stand together with our allies to defend human rights, international law and the foundations of democracy. “


“Ukraine is being invaded now. Americans stand for democracy in Ukraine. Republican leaders and their pro-Putin advocacy bodies are a disgrace to America.

Putin and Russia fought alone, and blood was on their hands. Putin and his ligarers must face immediate severe economic consequences for their crimes. Russia is an international rogue and rogue state, and now the whole world must treat it as one. “

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman

“I condemn Putin’s authoritarian actions in Ukraine and stand with the Ukrainian people. We must do everything in our power to find a diplomatic solution. If Putin does not respond to diplomacy, the United States must be ready to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is unacceptable. Targeted sanctions against Putin and his allies are the right move. We must also work with our European allies to exert further pressure where possible [Germany] did. Any military action should take place only with the approval of Congress. “


“The same administration that looked after the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan and allowed the Taliban resurgence, now, predictably, is facing asmelym Vladimir Putin. It takes time for strong action in defense of our allies.

I urge Frank Polona to join me in calling for serious and swift sanctions, as well as helping those in Ukraine who are fighting for their country’s right to exist. The spread of tyranny and oppression simply can not stand.

Cathedral Bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA


These ancient Christian greetings are so necessary that we all embrace with hope and love, with a sense of deep concern and an incomprehensible desire for peace while the world watches news from Ukraine and around the world about another threat from the Russian leadership.

Tactics of intimidation and intimidation with the presence of armed equipment and more than a hundred thousand soldiers near the borders of Ukraine in combination with systematic cyber attacks at all levels of life in Ukraine can be interpreted only as terrorist threats to the innocent lives of Ukrainian citizens. . They seem to be driven by an extremely low sense of self-esteem among the leadership of what has become the aggressor nation of today, creating a very dangerous set of circumstances.

Ukraine – a geographical reality – with its own sovereign borders has always been desired by neighbors from anywhere beyond those borders because of its natural resources, especially the incredibly rich chernozem, which gave it the name “Europe’s granary”, which gave a lot of wheat to share with the world. It is this land tried to annex, dominate, subdue and benefit not only in modern history, but throughout the early history of Kievan Rus, and there is this land.

It is no secret that Russia, under the guise of the “Soviet Union”, wanted not only rich natural resources, but, last but not least, a buffer zone between itself and the rest of the Western world. Further, Ukraine, as a prosperous democracy, inspires the surrounding peoples. This is the key to understanding modern Russian and other previous invasions. Seeking to control the land, resources and political system, hardly ever thought about the real people living on this earth. These people are the “nation” of Ukraine, and this nation has an identity that cannot be destroyed.

After centuries of invasions the “nation” was unimportant to the invaders. Thus, the “nation” suffered the loss of millions and millions of victims of genocide, the most brutal during the former Soviet Union and its Holodomor. Throughout this history of terror, the self-identity of the “nation” has been preserved in the hearts, minds and souls of the people. Writing these words, we are desperately concerned about people. It is for them, our brothers and sisters, that we ask you to join in prayer

We must ask God in the Holy Trinity to protect her people from the horrors that knew and from which too many of their ancestors perished. We call on all our clergy to offer the following prayer during the Litany of fervent prayer of each Divine Liturgy. In addition, we ask you all to make this prayer a part of your daily prayers in your home chapels. May God hear our love request and soften the hearts and minds of all, inside Ukraine and abroad in these dangerous times. “

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