KITOWN, MANHATTEN (WABC) – Some take their security into their own hands.

“There was a day when I practiced martial arts for fun – now it’s survival so I can live,” said Henry Zheng of the Dragon Combat Club.

Zheng and his friend John Hu founded the Dragon Combat Club, a voluntary self-defense exercise to prepare people against the rise of violent crime.

“When I go home to the subway, I just want to be safe,” Chong Bretion said.

The threat is real – especially for Asian Americans, after a series of vicious attacks over the past year. Bretion is getting ready.

“If someone comes up behind you, you want to be aware,” Bretion said.

“As the attacks became more and more violent, I had to understand how we would deal with weapons,” Zheng added.

Every tactic, every step is one step closer to people’s safety.

To protect yourself, the simple use of a flashlight can be a deterrent to an attacker – not only the ridge, but also direct it directly into the eye.

“This is the least we can do in terms of immediate response,” student Alex Ho said.

It’s another tool in their hands and on their side on the streets of New York to survive.

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