Three Republican party chairmen and two mayors backed District Commissioner Maurice Typhoon Selena in Congress in New Jersey’s 11th district while the race to choose a rival for MP Mickey Cheryl (D-Moncler) continues.

Among the supporters are Selena Louis Valori Jr., leader of the Republican Party of Parsipani, the 11th largest municipality. While Parsipani Republicans have a long history of whims, Valor’s support will help Selenium gain votes on the district committee at Maurice GOP’s congress next month.

“Last year’s election shows that Democrats are facing real obstacles from the liberal Biden-Pelasi-Cheryl agenda in Washington, and New Jersey voters are eager for new leadership to ensure accessibility and get America back on track,” Valori said. “Typhoon Selenium is the best Republican candidate, with a proven conservative record and an inspiring life story.”

Selenium is also supported by: Rachel Brook City Council member Rachel Brooks, Republican mayor; Maurice Joe Calvanelli, chairman of the Republican Municipal Council; Rockaway Mayor Joe Jackson; and Jefferson Mayor Eric Wilsusen.

Tayfun’s has stopped raising taxes for four years in a row, adding smart business to the government, ”Wilsusen said. “This is what we need in Washington. Less talk, more action to make it more accessible to New Jersey taxpayers. ”

Last week, Selenium received the approval of four Morris County commissioners: Katie DePhilip, John Crickus, Stephen Shaw and Deborah Smith.

Former Kinnelon Council President Larry Cash, former Assistant District Attorney Paul DeGrut, former Ridgefield Park Councilor Robert Kovich, attorney Larry Frischia and U.S. Army veteran Toby Anderson are also running for Republican nomination.

Collector Aura Dan (R-Mendham) is still considering whether to jump into the race.

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