The race for the Morris County Republican organizational line goes to a second vote, and Typhoon Selenium confronts Larry Cash after a four-way race.

Cash advanced to the second round with just five votes after political newcomer, U.S. Army veteran Toby Anderson, took an unexpected third place.

Republicans choose MP candidate Mickey Cheryl (D-Moncler).

Selenium, Maurice County Commissioner, took first place with 169 votes, 34.8%. Porridge was second with 118 votes, 24.3%. Anderson received 113 votes, 23.3%.

Paul DeGruth, a former assistant district attorney for Pasayk, who was considered one of the top three candidates, came in fourth with 65 votes, 13.4%. DeGrut has already won the organizational line in Passover County.

The winner of the convention Maurice is widely regarded as one who has an inland track to also get a line in Essex.

The other two candidates lagged far behind. Lawyer Larry Frischia received 14 votes, and Robert Kovich, a former councilor of Ridgefield Park, who now lives in Sussex County, took last place with 6 votes.

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