County Commissioner Maurice Typhoon Selenium today unveiled five new endorsements in his Republican nomination in the 11th constituency: Congress of Pekingese Melissa Florence Lynch, Rockaway Mayor Tom Mulligan, Pekingese Council member Kyle Russell Chandel Russell and Rando Randall . The chairman of the township is Republican Daniel Bever.

“As the left wing of the National Democratic Party tries to pull us towards socialism, this is a great opportunity for our party to nominate someone like Typhoon who lived the American dream, built an impressive career in business and then served in his community as mayor and county commissioner, ”Mulligan said in a statement.

Earlier, Selenium received a number of others local approvals in his application to Congress, including in four of his fellow county commissioners. One of these four, Commissioner Katie DePhilipa retired this yearand Florence Lynch is Fr. leading candidate to replace it.

The 11th constituency, currently occupied by MP Mickey Cheryl (D-Moncler), has become much more democratic in the transfer and would vote for President Joe Biden by 17 points. But for Selen to face Cheryl, he will need to win the Republican primaries, which currently includes six candidates and can grow to seven if assembly member Aura Dunn (R-Mendham) enters the race.

The Maurice County Republican Party has not yet recognized its county line, but the Passaic County Republican Party, which makes up a much smaller percentage of the county, gave his approval to former Assistant District Attorney District Attorney Paul DeGrut last month.

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