The Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the Los Angeles Lakers 118-113 on Wednesday night.

However, aside from the game itself, fans couldn’t help but notice some obvious red flags surrounding Lakers guard Russell Westbrook.

Two sequences stood out in particular.

The first involved basically the entire team getting together before the game, with Westbrook choosing to randomly exclude himself for no real reason:

The second showed Westbrook ignoring a defensive huddle orchestrated by Patrick Beverley:

After the game, Westbrook took to social media and posted this cryptic message:

What does this verse mean?

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour,” it says.


Westbrook has been a disaster for the Lakers from the jump. He has fought with fansargued with his teammates and collided with the coaching staff.

There was hope that it could he would buy this summer in an attempt to salvage his NBA career, but it’s clear that’s not going to happen.

He is still as unhappy as last year. This situation cannot be saved.

The Lakers have three teams there ready to take Westbrook off their hands. In addition, there is also dark horse suitor hovers on wings.

Los Angeles would be wise to take advantage and dump Westbrook as soon as possible. Addition by subtraction.

Westbrook will never be bribed. He is not capable of this. And he lacks the skills to justify his roster spot.

Whatever happens, the Lakers need to get rid of Westbrook. He eats them alive from the inside, and they are much better off without him than with him.

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