The Planned Parenthood Action Fund has approved MP Donald Payne Jr. (D-Newark) for re-election in New Jersey’s 10th District, becoming the latest in a stampede of approval from Congressman North Jersey.

“Congressman Payne has shown strong support for sexual and reproductive health and rights, and we are confident he will continue to be a committed advocate for Planned Parenthood Medical Centers and the people they serve,” said Alexis McGill Johnson, Parenting Planning Action Fund. the president. “Now more than ever, we need allies in Washington who will fight for reproductive freedom, and we know that Congressman Payne will always be this champion.”

Payne runs the support table, enlisting the support of key unions, U.S. Senators Bob Menendez and Corey Booker, and Newark Mayor Ross Barack.

He faces two contenders for the primaries from the Democratic Party: Achilles Halfani, a professor of sociology at Essex County College; and tramp Mountbank Imani Oakley.

The continued support of prominent progressive leaders, including Barack and former CWA Director of State Hattie Rosenstein, greatly complicates the main candidate running for Payne’s left and winning.

A former Essex County freelancer and New York City council member, Payne was elected to Congress in a 2012 snap election following the death of his father, Donald M. Payne Sr., New Jersey’s first black congressman.

“No one but women should be able to make decisions about their health and their bodies, which is why I voted in favor of the Women’s Health Act, a groundbreaking, much-needed law passed by the House of Representatives that the Senate has to speak on. and accept now, ”Payne said.

The 10th is one of the most solid democratic districts of the country. Changing the constituency in Congress retains 10th place as one of the most democratic constituencies in the House of Representatives, and winning on a basic basis is tantamount to an election. The new map adds to the area of ​​Caldwell, Essex Falls and Cranford.

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