PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – A man is believed to have survived after being hit by a stray bullet on Monday while visiting family members in Kingsesing, Philadelphia.

It happened around 5pm on the 5400 Gibson Drive quarter in Bartram Village.

According to police, at least 14 shots were fired from at least two separate guns.

“It’s a horrible situation. You have a 62-year-old man visiting friends on a beautiful day, and you have four young men trying to solve something outdoors with guns,” said Captain John Walker of the Philadelphia Police Department. .

Police say a 62-year-old man received a blow to the stomach after getting out of the car.

He was urgently taken to the district hospital and put in stable condition.

The stray shooting also hit a minibus carrying a grandmother and her three grandchildren. Police say no one in the van was shot.

Neighbors tell Action News that the shots sounded like firecrackers and that children were playing outside at the time.
“I don’t leave the apartment after 9pm, 5pm, even 6pm, as soon as the sun goes down, I come in,” said Lacey Jones of Southwest Philadelphia.

Board member Jamie Gauthier says there should be a more focused strategy in some areas when it comes to preventing gun violence. She also believes that the program of crisis intervention of the society needs to be expanded.

Investigators are looking for at least four suspects.

Captain John Walker believes that by working together, the community will return from this. He says the advice is strictly confidential.

“It’s hard to understand, but we understand that there is a big community here. There is only a small group of people who do it, and we need to catch it. They lack love, they lack parenthood,” Walker said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police at 215-686-TIPS.

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