PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — It’s a taste of home… 3,000 miles away.

It’s called Jake’s Steakhouse and it was opened in 2005 by Jake Gillis while he was living in San Francisco.

“It’s not a particularly big place, but it’s all Philly. There’s a beautiful mural of Boat House Row that I hung on the wall, and there’s a boat hanging from the ceiling and everything else,” Gillis said.

Jake has since returned to the Philadelphia area.

It is now owned by Wayne and Nasri Mufarre of San Francisco, but they have rightfully kept it in Eagles country. The place is full of t-shirts, banners and even a no-cowboys flag hanging from the ceiling.

They serve Philly cheesesteaks and even have green jello on Sunday.

“It’s a one-off. It’s like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. These fans are saints for their favorite team.” Wayne Mufarreh Jr., owner of Jake’s Steaks

And if history is any indication, it’s going to be one big party on Sunday.

“The unit will be closed, tables outside, TVs, indoor and outdoor … French fries, cheese, on top of everything,” Moufarre said.

“East Coast fans have a reputation for being obnoxious and loud, but at the same time they’ll be healthy and happy and enjoying the game like an average Joe,” Nasri Mufarreh said.

And whether or not 49ers fans will show up is yet to be determined, but if they do, they know whose field they’re on.

“They’re not afraid to show their colors and they’re going to come and make a big noise. They are all year, but in a game as exciting as this one, and playing against their current hometown is going to be a lot of fun indeed. Even Niners fans know better than to come and try to cause trouble at Jake Steaks. There are fewer of them! It’s not that we’re angry, we’re just very passionate,” Gillis said.

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