An 11-year-old teenager from Texas has set out on his mission to make the world a better place.

Orion Jean was named Child of the Year 2021 according to TIME after another year of payment in advance.

“For me, it can take many forms: just smiling at someone or holding the door, or even donating food to a local food bank, or handing out old toys you don’t need,” Gene said.

For Jean, it all started two years ago when he won the National Kindness Competition

“At the time I was writing the speech, COVID was really starting to get stronger. It seemed that the world had stopped, and hope was like, where is she? Where is the hope? Where is the love? Where is the kindness? “

His triumphant speech earned him a $ 500 prize, but he didn’t use that money to buy a video game or go get sweet treats.

Instead, Jean again paid in advance, creating Race for kindness–initiative initiative to support kindness projects in his community.

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The first project of kindness was a toy CD for the benefit of patients at a local children’s hospital.

When it was over, he switched to food, delivering 100,000 meals to families in need in Dallas Fort. Worth the area.

But he did not stop there. The next event was a book CD, where Jean collected and delivered 500,000 books to children at book fairs across the country.

“I used what I saw in the news every day,” Jean explained. “People are losing their jobs and their homes, as well as access to food, books and clothes – things we can sometimes take for granted, and hopefully with a little kindness we can get those things back. If we keep giving, it makes us to feel that we are getting something just when we are good ”.

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