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MSNBC guest Hagar Chemali said online Tuesday that former President Obama’s foreign policy has encouraged Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine, and then President Biden processing with the current crisis is likely to have a similar impact on Chinese President Xi Jinping in the coming years.

BIDEN ANNOUNCES Sanctions Against Russia and Relocation of Troops in Response to Invasion of Ukraine

Addressing the escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine on Tuesday on Deadline: The White House, Chemali, who has held various national security and public relations positions under the Obama and Bush administrations, said Putin had become noticeably more aggressive on the world stage. after Obama’s “relatively weak response” to Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014.

US President Barack Obama (right) talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin before a working session of the G20 Summit in the Mediterranean resort of Antalya, Turkey, November 16, 2015. REUTERS / Kayhan Ozer / Pool
(REUTERS / Kayhan Ozer / Pool)

“When he saw the relatively weak reaction of the Obama administration at the time to something so brazen, for seizing territory, I think for him it was a message of good, great, it’s something I can continue to do without help,” Chemali told the guest presenter. John Haileman.

“The point is that he will see that he can behave like a bandit and get something out of it,” she said.


Biden on Tuesday announced new sanctions against Russiacalling the Kremlin-led activities of the last hours “the beginning of the Russian invasion Ukraine”And sent additional U.S. forces to the region, but argued that the United States“ does not intend ”to go to war with Russia.

President Joe Biden speaks about Ukraine in the Eastern Hall of the White House

President Joe Biden speaks about Ukraine in the Eastern Hall of the White House
(AP Photo / Alex Brandon)

Chemali said that while she agrees that military intervention would be “catastrophic” for the country, she is concerned about the message Biden is sending to dictators around the world who are closely monitoring the United States’ response.


“My real concern here is not just that it won’t end. This is a message to other dictators who are watching around the world, in particular President Xi, ”she said. “President Xi is watching every minute of this and thinking to himself: well, I see. This is how it will all happen. military intervention ”.

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