Friday, February 3, 2023
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North Bergen Walmart opens HIV-focused pharmacy


A new specialty pharmacy aimed at helping people living with HIV has opened at the Walmart Supercenter in North Bergen. It is the only pharmacy in the Northeast dedicated to HIV. Aleatha Postell, senior director of specialty pharmacy business development for Walmart’s health and wellness team, said the location was chosen based on data showing areas where the state’s HIV-related needs are not being met.

A specialty pharmacy is not only available for patients living with HIV. The services are open to any member of the community to raise awareness and prevent the spread of the virus. As part of the pharmacy’s debut, Walmart is partnering with New Jersey’s largest HIV foundation, Hyacinth.

“And we want people to get tested, to know the status, to connect them to help …,” said Juan Tejada, wellness coordinator at Projectlol in Hyacinth.

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