When the pandemic hit New Jersey, it hit the Motor Vehicle Commission hard.

Places are closed for months. The backlog of transactions is hundreds of thousands. And when the agencies reopened, lines formed long before dawn with clients hoping to get a gold ticket to meet with an agent and sort out their paperwork.

Now the agency, known for the trip that New Jersey residents feared, has largely recovered. And the residents noticed. 18 months after the opening of the MVC:

  • has moved 80% of its business to the Internet, so many residents can skip a trip to the agency.
  • upgraded its technology and upgraded its transaction processing system.
  • added a reception record system for personal transactions, which made visiting agencies more enjoyable for clients.

Clarissa Mendez of Old Bridge said it was “super easy” to renew her license after she learned she could do it online once she received an update form in the mail. The online process took minutes, and the new license came in the mail about a week later, she said.

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