Maurice County Republicans will return, perhaps next week, to the second round of elections to award Congressional organizational lines in the 7th and 11th constituencies after party officials decided to end the convention shortly after midnight, which began at about six o’clock before.

Former Senate minority leader Tom Keane Jr. and 28-year-old businessman John Henry Eisman will meet for approval from the Maurice Republican Party to meet with MP Tom Malinowski (D-Ringoes) 7th.

In the 11th, where six Republicans are fighting for the opportunity to run against MP Mickey Cheryl (D-Moncler), with Maurice County Commissioner Teifun Selen and former Kinelon Council President Larry Cash.

Keane led Izeman in the first ballot 34-29, with 20 votes for MP Eric Peterson (R-Franklin) and 17 for Phil Ritz, a former pastor, developer and gubernatorial candidate.

Selenium took first place with 169 votes, but his 34.8% fell short of the 50% needed to win the first ballot. Cache, a member of the Republican State Committee of Morris County, won second place with just five votes, 118 to 113, against Toby Anderson, a U.S. Army veteran and late participant. Former Assistant District Attorney Paul DeGrut, who was considered a possible contender for the second round, received 65 votes in his fourth place. Two other candidates were lagging behind: attorney Larry Frischio (14) and former Ridgefield Park board member Robert Covic (6).

Problems with voting machines – and the subsequent departure of members of the constituency committee who did not pass after the first vote – led to problems with today’s vote.

“It is a pity that the process took so long. The machines were not designed for that power, ”said Harrison Neely, a consultant for Keane. “I hope that the extension of the second round will allow more people to vote.”

Rizzo’s attorney, John Coyle, complained about the voting violation.

“I cannot tell you who is responsible and what is the reason for this, but the essence is the party that speaks about the fairness of the elections – this is one of the foundations of the Republican Party at the local, state and national levels. “What is happening now is an absolute embarrassment,” Coyle said.

Coyle said 93 people in the 7th constituency signed up, but 105 people voted. According to him, out of 10 ballots, only two were counted.

The race for Morris County Commissioner led to the sad defeat of Tom Mastrangelo, who served four terms. He finished fourth in the race for three places, losing to Doug Boar, a nine-term president, former Freeholder Christine Myers and Mendem City Committee member Sarah Nibart.

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