The New Jersey Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by the state’s largest police union at the last minute to block Gov. Phil Murphy’s mandate to vaccinate workers in high-risk areas, meaning more than 11,000 county and state penitentiary officers must prove evidence. . vaccination or risk of losing a job.

Chief Justice Stuart Rabner wrote a three-page order Monday saying the New Jersey Police Charity Association does not deserve a postponement of the appeal because it has not indicated that its claim is based on a regulated law or has a reasonable likelihood of success, or that the relief was in the public interest, among other things.

According to the order, four more judges agreed with him. The two disagreed, saying they would stay.

The Supreme Court ruling dampens the union’s hope that the judge will intervene to block Murphy’s mandate, which requires workers in high-risk environments, including hospitals and prisons, to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or face discipline, including possible job losses.

Currently, Bergen New Bridge offers vaccination against COVID-19 and revaccinators for adults and children aged 12 years (and vaccinations for children aged 5 to 12 years).  Additional doses are also available for people with weakened immune systems.

The governor’s office noted the decision, saying it retains a valuable mitigation tool that will protect the state’s residents at greatest risk.

“The decision of the Supreme Court of New Jersey to reject the candidates’ attempt to block order further shows that the mandate of the administration is on a solid legal basis,” said spokeswoman Alena Alfaro.

Meanwhile, Pat Colligan, head of the 33,000-member PBA, called it “very disappointing.”

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