HADDANFIELD, New Jersey (WPVI) – Officials in New Jersey are trying to keep up with potholes this year because of all the snow that fell this winter.

Temperature changes, like what is expected in the Delaware Valley this week, can also be very difficult on the roads.

The crews say they are trying to fix the roads as soon as possible.

Drivers are struggling to focus on rough terrain.

“When you go through them, it’s like you’re going to the bottom of the earth because they’re so deep,” said India’s Bernardina of Lindenwald. “I needed to change the collapse, and I had a flat tire.”

Camden County road crews will agree and say that given all the snow events this year they have even more potholes.

Pits are formed when water enters cracks in the road and expands when frozen.

Action News has caught up with workers patching holes on Evesham Road in Cherry Hill. This week they plan to patch holes every day.

And although there has been significant snow in New Jersey this season, even minor snow events on the roads are difficult.

“It depends on how heavy the rain, cold and snow and salt are – some things go bad faster,” said Dave Stout, head of the Camden County Highways Department.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation since January 1, 2022 has repaired more than 20,000 on interstate and state roads.

While spring is the busiest time of the year to fill potholes due to the presence of asphalt, workers patch up pits all year round.
However, drivers are tired of the snow, tired of the bumps and happy when they see road crews in action.

“I mean, it seems that in some areas where they’re actually fixing it, things are getting better,” said Jasmine McClary of Lawnside.

The crews ask if you see that the crews are working on patching these holes, give them plenty of space.

You can also drive into the pothole if you see.

To report a pothole on the New Jersey Highway, you can call 1-800-POTHOLE.

To report a pothole in Camden County, use this online form: https://www.camdencounty.com/service/public-works/county-road-report-form/

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