A former New Jersey serviceman has been harassed by other servicemen because of his Egyptian heritage, discriminated against by state police because of his Muslim beliefs and wrongfully fired last year after a car accident outside his official position, the lawsuit said. Tuesday at Hackensack State Supreme Court.

A former serviceman, 30-year-old Ahmed Abdallah of Woodland Park, said in a 12-page statement that other servicemen regularly subjected him to various racist and discriminatory remarks before he was eventually released.

His lawyer, Evan L. Goldman, said state police say they fired Abdullah because he did not follow the protocol, reporting a 2019 crash, the crash of one car that had no alcohol.

But other servicemen kept their jobs despite similar or worse violations, Goldman said. And the comments that Abdal allegedly endured – for example, other servicemen called him a “terrorist” because of his Muslim beliefs – confirm “obvious discrimination against this man,” Goldman said.

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