North Jersey firefighters enthusiastically watch as their Ukrainian brothers brave rocket and sniper fire along with fire and smoke.

“What I see is no less wonderful, as they are working to remove victims with limited resources, regardless of the possibility of being killed in a Russian attack,” said Passaic Fire Chief Pat Trentocost.

With that in mind, it was easy to sell when this week Clifton Fire Chief Frank Prezioso turned to help to collect surplus fire equipment for Ukraine’s fire service. Trentocost saw photos of fire engines and vehicles buried in the rubble after the Russian attacks.

Prezioso said the idea came from a third-year firefighter from Clifton, Oleg Skachko, who emigrated from Ukraine when he was 14 years old.

Skachko’s first thought was to assemble personal protective equipment for Ukrainian firefighters, also known as equipment. He was contacted by friends from Ukraine who knew he was a firefighter, and their requests resonated first with him and then with his peers.

“It was so painful,” Skachko said.

Prior to moving to the United States in 2002, Skachko lived near the fire department, and when he moved here, he lived just down Patterson Street. He said he wanted to be a firefighter for as long as he can remember.

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