Dane joined today’s show Minnesota Timberwolves beat the writer Jace Frederick with St. Paul’s Pioneer Press discuss viewing NBA Playoffs through the lens of the Wolves. Dane and Jace discuss how to continue to watch these NBA playoffs, looking at what will and does not work in the next rounds of the playoffs, and ask themselves how far the Wolves are from being able to perform these elements of basketball at the playoffs.

Dane and Jace also discuss the success that old friends Tyus Jones and Andrew Wiggins had and still have in the playoffs. Finally, they talk about the Christophe Porzingis trade for Spencer Dinviddy and Davis Bertans – how it helped bring the Mavericks to the conference finals and how a similar trading style could be the way Wolves could go if they decided to leave D. Maximum Angela Russell’s contract.

(If you can’t access Spotify, Click here to listen to the last episode).

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