MP Raj Mukherjee (Jersey City) said today that he would run for the Senate in the 32nd constituency in 2023, an announcement immediately followed by Jersey City Mayor Stephen Fullop, State Senator Brian Stack (D-Union). City). ), and Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhal.

“The goal of providing a brighter tomorrow for my young son Leo and underage daughter Liana has strengthened my determination to continue fighting for our state,” Mukherjee said in a statement. “So I humbly ask the residents of Jersey City and Hoboken to return me to the legislature, this time to the Senate.”

Mukherjee, a Marine veteran and former deputy mayor of Jersey City, was first elected in 2013 in the 33rd District, which currently represents Stack in the Senate. At the age of just 37, Mukherjee is the chairman of the Judicial Committee of the Assembly and was considered a potential candidate for speaker.

But the explosive population growth of Hudson County meant its legislative districts had to be substantially reworked for the next decade legislative cardand the end result was that Steck’s hometown, Union City, was relocated to State Senator Nicholas Sac County (North Bergen), leaving the new 32nd District (which is essentially the successor to the old 33rd). with an open seat in the Senate.

The county, which consists entirely of Hoboken and northern Jersey City, has a white number, but includes America’s second-largest Asian population from any area on the new map – 32%. If Mukherjee is elected, he is likely to become one of two Asian Americans in the Senate along with State Senator Vin Gopal (D-Long Branch).

And the approval from Fulop, Steck and Bhala, the three most important figures in the county, makes Mukherjee an incredible leader in the primaries from the Democratic Party; the place is safely democratic in the general election.

“For the past eight years, MP Raj Mukherjee has been a staunch fighter for Hudson County,” Stack said. “I am proud to support him in the state senate and we will work day and night for Raj to make sure our neighbors continue to be well represented in the new county.”

Mukherjee’s campaign means he will leave behind a new seat in the assembly, which is expected to be won by a Jersey City candidate to balance MP Annette Chaparo (D-Habokken).

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