Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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More dispensaries would be allowed to sell marijuana for leisure


Last week, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission approved five new recreational dispensaries. Pharmacies in Lodz, Ascend in Montclair and the Garden Dispensary Center in Etontown, Woodbridge and Union have been approved to expand from drug sales to recreational.

There is no set date when these new locations will be open for recreational cannabis sales, as they still have a few more steps to go in their process.

Last month, the commission approved 13 seats, and sales began on April 21. These places are open both for the sale of medicines and for recreation. You can find them on the map below along with places that may open in the coming weeks.

According to the CRC, in the first month of the recreational cannabis market in New Jersey, about $ 24 million in sales were recorded. State law requires 70% tax collected from recreational cannabis sales to target communities most affected by marijuana-related arrests.

CRC too announced that medical marijuana dispensaries no longer have to wait a year after opening before entering the leisure market – as long as they show they can meet the medical and recreational requirements of cannabis.

Reminder: You should 21 years and older buy cannabis for a vacation in new jersey.

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