PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Potholes are a constant point of frustration. All drivers can agree with this.

On Tuesday, Action Cam caught a glimpse of the damage left by a ditch at South 70th Street and Redbird Place in Southwest Philadelphia.

Joseph Esquilin broke both axles while driving his Lyft vehicle through a ditch Monday night.

“It was too late for me to stop and I crashed into him. It broke both axles, front and rear of the car. This is my salary,” said Esquilin.

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The potholes weren’t hard to find, the Action Cam found a few on I-76 eastbound from City Avenue. PennDOT is in charge of state roads and said the warm winter is helping their efforts.

“We need temperatures of 40 degrees or higher to use this hot mix,” said Robin Briggs, PennDOT spokesman. “(Crews) have increased 380 tons of pitted material, compared to about 178 tons at this time last year.”

The Philadelphia Department of Sanitation asks drivers to call 311 or use their app to report potholes with specific details and pictures.

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“We’ll be able to get there a lot faster if they can know what the problem is,” said highway chief engineer Steve Lorenz.

Over the past month, the 6abc Data Journalism team found 27 different 311 reports for the area of ​​S. 70th Street and Redbird Place.

When 6abc notified Lorenz, the problem was resolved within two hours.

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