PHOTOS provided by Mercer County


PHOTOS provided by Mercer County

The Mercer County Park Commission will work with the New Jersey Forest Fire Department to carry out the prescribed incineration at Mercer Meadows and Mount Baldpate.

Prescribed burns will be treated in the Pole Farm and Reed Bryan Farm Mercer Meadows sections, as well as on Mount Baldpate.

The burns are expected to occur between now and the end of spring, as determined by the head of the forest fire department, according to information provided by Mercer County on February 18th. These burns will occur within two to three days.

The section chief will determine if conditions fall within safe ranges, and notify the Park Commission and relevant township and emergency response officials 48 hours prior to the burn.

The park will be closed for visits during the burning. The closure will be published at all entrances, crossings and route installations, as well as on the Park Commission’s website and social media pages.

The fire will be managed by forest fire officers who have undergone rigorous training and have experience in conducting safe and effective prescribed burns, the report said. Burners will take all necessary safety precautions.

According to the statement, while the fire is burning and until the head of the department believes that the fire is extinguished, at the farm Pole and surrounding areas will be present law enforcement officers and firefighters, equipment and vehicles.

Certain conditions must be met for combustion, including temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed and direction.

Properly performed prescribed burns promote seed germination, reduce invasive pressure on plants and transfer nutrients to the soil, the statement said. Improving the quality and diversity of habitats, as well as promoting reforestation, managing invasive species and creating meadows, are the benefits of prescribed burns.

Although managing invasive species and promoting habitat restoration are important components of a burning plan for both Mercer Meadows and Mount Baldpait, the park commission believes the burns will have additional benefits such as reduced hazardous loads. fuel to prevent unplanned forest fires of higher intensity. statement.

Prescribed burns have also successfully reduced the population of ticks and insect pests, the statement said.

In the days following the burn, there may be smoldering dead trees and logs at the burn sites. This is a normal activity and should not be reported to the fire service or park commission as a fire hazard.

Park Commission staff will be on site to monitor post-burn activities.

For more information on prescribed burn plans, including frequently asked questions, maps, and resources, visit

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