You can’t make it up.

New York Yankees field player Aaron Judge tied for the MLB lead 61st home run season in Wednesday 8-3 win above Toronto Blue Jays.

The explosion associated judge with Roger Maris a club and American League single-season record.

The ball landed in the Blue Jays bullpen after ricocheting off the wall and missing Franky Lasagna.

You read that right.


When the judge launched his record explosion, Lasagna was waiting for him in left field, his glove drawn over the railing. But the ball hit the wall directly below him and bounced into the Toronto bullpen.

“You’re in disbelief and just shocked and surprised,” said Lasagna, one of two fans closest to the ball. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, I almost had it.'”

Lasagna, a Toronto restaurant owner, knew what was at stake when he bought a front-row ticket. He said he doesn’t usually bring a glove to a game.

“In the front row, I felt you had the best chance,” he said. “There I was, just a few feet away.”

In accordance with The Canadian PressLasagna said he would have kept the ball if he had caught it.

“I would stick with it as long as I could (to) negotiate,” he said. “Maybe ask the judge to come to the restaurant. … Another two feet and I would have it. I needed a fishing net, I would take it.’

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After Lasagna’s close call, the Blue Jays bullpen coach Matt Bushman returned the ball.

He and the Blue Jays are closer Jordan Romano turned it over to the Yankee reliever Zach Brittonwho was convinced reached the judge.

“It’s a very important ball,” Romano told the Canadian Press. “There were many people there. We just didn’t want to give it to the wrong people.”


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