If on March 7 in New Jersey, when the coronavirus pandemic diminishes, the mandate for school masks is lifted, administrators of the Red Bank High School Regional District will make mask use optional for all people at the Red Bank Regional High School, Little Silver.

In a February 14 message posted on the school district’s website, school principal Louis Moore said wearing a mask would become optional from March 7. Under federal regulations, students will still be required to wear a mask on school buses.

“We hope that this (transition to the additional use of the mask) will be a major step towards a return to normal life in the Regional Red Coast; a reminder that everyone must continue to do their job to keep our community safe and healthy.

“Students should stay at home if they have symptoms (coronavirus). If your child or any of your loved ones achieve a positive result on COVID-19, continue to contact the nurse’s office. Everyone is urged to get vaccinated and to inform the nurse’s office about their vaccination status, ”Moore wrote.

Red Bank Regional High School enrolls residents of Red Bank, Little Silver and Shrewsbury.

On February 7, noting a significant decline in COVID-19 in the state, Gov. Phil Murphy announced that from March 7, masks and face masks will no longer be used for students, staff and visitors to schools and children’s centers.

“Fortunately, we have reached a point where we are confident that we can take another step towards normalcy for our children. Given the steady decline in new cases and hospitalizations, projections for further declines in the coming weeks, and a steady increase in vaccinations for our school-age population, we believe we can responsibly end the mandate of universal masks, ”Murphy was quoted as saying. in a press release.

Announcing the lifting of the mask mandate, Murphy said school district administrators and children’s operators could continue to implement a universal mask policy after the mandate is abolished in March.

Schools that do not introduce universal camouflage should review their COVID policy to use masks among other prevention strategies under certain circumstances, the press release said.

According to the press release, schools will not be allowed to ban the use of facials by individuals.

Prior to the repeal of the mandate, the New Jersey Department of Health will issue guidelines to help school districts update their policies to meet the risks and unique needs of their environment and student population to provide a safe learning environment, the press release said.

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