BERWIN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) – The debate on masks boiled over at Canesto High School in Bervin, Chester County.

Due to recent events, school authorities have announced that students will have a two-hour delay on Tuesday after being in virtual classrooms on Monday.

“We know the last few days have been difficult for many of our families,” reads a letter from the head of the Tridifrin / Easttown School District and the high school principal. “All students, families and staff are feeling the impact of these emotionally charged events.”

According to the district, some students held a demonstration last Friday, taking off their masks and leaving campus.

Current school rules state that the room needs camouflage.

Last weekend, the county said there were interactions on social media that included harmful speech and even potential threats to the school.

On Monday, the school switched to virtual training when local police conducted an investigation.

Families were told in the district that there were no active threats against the high school. The police presence will be strengthened at the school this week.

“We have followed established threat assessment procedures, and so far we have eliminated any potential threats and will apply the Code of Conduct as necessary. We are continuing to investigate other issues reported by school management,” the district said.

The two-hour delay on Tuesday will allow the school to set up resources such as counseling.

“We will appeal to the student body as a whole during the classroom to consider expectations and assure that we are ready to support each of them,” the letter said. “We remind you that harmful words, including racist or homophobic, have no place in Canestasis or anywhere in TESD, and they will not tolerate.”

The school also asks students to refrain from further organized meetings during school and to stay in class.

On that note, district officials say they recognize students’ right to express their views.

“We, as the administration, are ready to work with student leaders to ensure that these statements are directed in a way that does not call into question our ability to conduct full-time school,” the district said.

“Right now the school needs a period of calm and de-escalation.”

The district will also invite audiences for students to share their thoughts on current issues with administrators and school board members.

Canesto High School will reopen passive access to the cell for students who officials say may find it inconvenient to attend school in person.

“Students who are not physically present at the school will still be marked as absent, but passes for this purpose will be justified. Passive access to the camera will be available until the end of February,” the district said.

As for the district’s requirements for an indoor mask, officials said it remains in effect until the board reviews the health and safety plan later this month.

“We understand that opinions on this topic in T / E and many districts are divided. As in most school districts in this area, our Council this month is actively considering this issue,” – said in the district. “We ask for your patience for this public review process to take place. In the meantime, students will not be able to attend school in person without a mask.”

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