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“60 Minutes” correspondent Leslie Stahl is waiting for calls to give an interview in 2020. then-President Trump when she famously dismissed allegations that political opponents were spying on his campaign after new allegations of Durham investigation supported the suspicions of the former president.

In October 2020, Trump conducted an interview with Stahl, which he later called a “malicious takeaway attempt.” Trump accused Stahl of interrupting him, and sources at the time told Fox News that the veteran reporter was “extremely hostile” and that she began interviews such as “prepare for serious issues.”


In October 2020, then-President Trump met with 60 Minutes correspondent Leslie Steel for an interview, which he later called a “malicious takeaway attempt.”
(CBS 60 minutes)

During one part of the interview, Trump said that “the biggest scandal was the moment when they were spying on my election campaign.”

“They were spying on my company,” he repeated before Stahl broke his remark.

“There is no real evidence of this,” Stahl said.

“Of course there is, it’s everywhere,” Trump said when Stahl replied, “No.”

“Leslie, they were spying on my campaign, and they were caught,” Trump said before Stahl interrupted him again.

“Can I say something? You know it’s ’60 minutes’ and we can’t wear things we can’t check,” Stahl said.

“You won’t wear it because it’s bad for Biden,” Trump said.

“We can’t wear things we can’t check,” Stahl replied.

This was stated by then-President Trump "the biggest scandal was when they spied on my company" y "60 minutes" interview in 2020.

The then President Trump said that “the biggest scandal was when they were spying on my election campaign” in a “60 Minutes” interview in 2020.
(CBS 60 minutes)

“60 MINUTES”, CNN, MSNBC, humiliated, criticized the investigation “Durham”, the investigation

“Leslie, they were spying on my election campaign,” Trump insisted as Stahl continued to reject the statement.

“Then they went much further and caught them. And you’ll see it, Leslie, and you know it, but you just don’t want to,” Trump said when Stahl interrupted him.

“No,” she said. – In fact, I do not know.

At the time, Trump published his own footage of the interview amid concerns that CBS News’s “60 Minutes” would not show the president’s statement that he was being spied on.

The controversial interview re-emerged last weekend after Fox News reported that Clinton’s lawyers had paid a technology company for “infiltrating” servers owned by Trump Tower and then the White House to establish a “conclusion” and “narrative” ». to inform the state bodies linking Trump with Russia, the statement of the Special Prosecutor says John Durham.

Trump responded to the statement Saturday night by saying that Durham’s submission “provides indisputable evidence that my campaign and presidency were spied on by Hillary Clinton-paid operatives in an attempt to develop a completely fabricated relationship with Russia.”

Trump releases unedited “60-minute” tape to expose Leslie Stall’s “malicious attempt to take her out”

CBS News did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Many remembered Stahl’s infamous interview when information about Durham’s filing appeared:


Brooke Singman of Fox News contributed to this report.

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