Gloucester County Republican Chairman Jackie Vigilante presented the list of candidates on Friday as they seek to take control of the Board of Commissioners for the first time since 1986.

Stephen H. Pokraduni Jr., who held part of Gloucester County in the 4th Legislature with 53% of the vote in his application in 2021 for his resignation from Senator Fred Madden (Washington State), will run for county commissioner.

He will run alongside Harrison City Committee member Adam Wingate, a 31-year-old rising star who won a local office in 2019.

They will face county commissioner Frank DyMark for six terms and Dennis DiCarlo, a former West Deptford mayor who lost his candidacy for county commissioner in 2021 but won a special election convention last month after Democrat Dan Creek stepped down. two years after his fourth three-year term. .

Republicans must get both seats to get a majority of 4-3 on the Council of Commissioners.

Chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Republican Party Woolwich Tom Narolewski will take over the 5-term clerk of the James Hogan County.

Republicans ended an 11-year losing streak in Gloucester County in 2021 after Nick DeSilvio and Chris Canavel defeated incumbent Presidents Robert Dominger and DiCarlo, who was seeking a seat in the resignation of James Lavender.

The same election brought a disappointing victory for Republican Jonathan Sammons over Sheriff Carmel Morina in five terms, State Senator Edward Dar (R-Swedesboro) against Senate President Steve Sweeney and Republican women Beth Sawyer (R-Woolwich) and Patton Matton. ). who last year defeated two Democrat MPs.

This week, the 80-year-old Hogan said he would run for a sixth term. He served two terms as a sheriff as a Republican before winning the county clerk race in 1997. Hogan changed party in 2002.

Pokraduni, owner of a car repair shop in South Jersey, beat Madden in Washington last November, the county’s largest municipality, with 1,413 votes, 54% -46%. He won the Monroe with 401, 52% -48%, and lost to Pitman with 87, 51% -49%. Madden, chairman of the Gloucester County Democratic Party, surpassed Pokraduni 41-1.

Gloucester County scored 10 points and 9,837 votes to Republican Jack Chattarelli in his nearly successful attempt to oust Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy in 2021. Murphy won at Gloucester in 2017 with 9,901 votes, against 13 points at the time. . Governor Kim Guadanyo.

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