TRENTON – At 70, Anthony Conti is not a spring chicken.

But when the chickens return home to be worn, Trenton’s former longtime clerk returns as a consultant to clean up the mess left missing clerk Matthew Conlan.

And while he hasn’t rushed to his predecessor, who remains on “medical leave” with obvious kidney stones, Conti admitted he has a lot of work to do, especially as Trenton prepares for the November election.

Anthony Conce (courtesy)

“I’m not sure I traded properly. But I have a passion for my hometown. My knees weaken a little when they shout for help, ”said Conti, who was already in the office on Friday. “This is what there is. I’m not complaining. “

At a meeting on Thursday, the council approved an emergency contract that will pay Conti $ 5,000 a month until the end of the year for consulting services.

There is a provision in the contract that allows the council to terminate the agreement earlier when Conlon returns, or replace it with a permanent one if it is found to hold that position.

The deal shook the feathers. And not about the man you think, as Conti said, despite the attempt keep her from voting in 2002 for shoplifting council president Katie McBride turned to a former clerk about the role.

In fact, Mayor Reed Husiora on Friday sent an angry letter to government officials, including the AG, in which he called the appointment of Conti a conflict and a “serious breach of ethics.”

Also serving as Republican Conti chairman of the Mercer County Electoral Council.

The mayor said the contract actually makes Conti “acting city clerk,” although Conti argued he would preside over the meetings.

Former employee Lourdes Rodriguez, who left Conlan’s office a few months ago because of him, was in charge. improper treatment of employees.

The mayor referred to the county governor’s code of ethics, which prohibits officials and employees from having financial interests or engaging in “business, transactions or professional activities” that may interfere with the performance of their duties.

Gussero argued that the deal could “damage” Conti’s opinion and cited the redistribution of Trenton’s map as an example.

Trenton Mayor Reed Gusiora near the former Joe-Joe steakhouse before crews demolished the iconic diner. John Berry / The Trentonian

“Although Mr. Conti has argued that he will withdraw himself from matters concerning Trenton, in these circumstances this is simply not an option and he will have two (2) votes in the reorganization commission,” Gusiora wrote. “Mr. Conti’s attempt to fulfill both roles not only creates the appearance of obscenity, but is also a real conflict that is not to be welcomed.

Conti called the mayor’s concern a “joke” because the card had already been sent to the state for approval.

“What are you, the mayor of another city? It’s done, moron, ‘said Conti. “PS, he’s lucky I won’t knock him out. Do you think that I care? ”

A Mercer County official said the arrogant former state MP was still angry because of what they had in the 1990s, when Conti nearly picked him up.

“He is lucky that I do not live in the city. I would have cleaned his watch. I just don’t like it. It smells like dirty politics, and I don’t play it, ”Conti said. “You better keep your ass out of here. You don’t scare anyone and you don’t make any shots in that office, then I’ll call the AG office. That’s how he made me angry. Stupid as stupid. I will just leave and live happily ever after. “

“I think he just hears footsteps. Every time I’m around, he gets nervous, ”Conti continued, adding that the mayor needs to understand what the city is doing well. “Do you think I will cheat in the election? I am not a Democrat; I’m not cheating. “

Rich Handley III for The Trentonian

Trenton Council President Katie McBride has urged residents to step up after a 12-year-old girl was shot dead in a recent case in the city.

Of course, Conti inherits an office, which, as the council admitted, is in a “broken” mess with Conan under investigation and at risk of losing his registered municipal employee ID.

Open only part-time to the public, the office has lagged behind by hundreds of requests for public records which remained unfulfilled for more than six months, putting the city at risk of lawsuits. Business licenses were suspended and no cash contributions were made.

And Conti just scratched the surface.

“A lot of people didn’t want to touch that with the 10-foot pool, and a lot of people told me I was going to go crazy considering it,” Conti said. “But integrity needs to be restored to this city.”

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