Screenwriter and reporter Sarah Hess has said that one incident of sexual assault in the Game of Thrones prequel took place “off-screen.”

U Hollywood Reporter interview last month, “House of the Dragon” Show co-creators Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik said that “Game of Thrones” the prequel series will not “shun” violence against women.

However, now writer and executive producer Sarah Hess is clarifying those comments about “rethinking» with George RR Martin“Fire and Blood”, premiering on August 21.

“I would like to clarify that we do not show sexual violence in the show,” Hess said Fair of vanity. “We look at one case behind the scenes and instead show the consequences and impact on the victim and mother of the perpetrator.”

Hess went on to say that she is most “proud” that House of the Dragon chose to “focus attention on the violence against women inherent in the patriarchal system” instead of glossing over its consequences and devastating legacy.

“There are a lot of ‘historical’ or history-based shows that romanticize powerful men in sexual/marital relationships with women who aren’t actually of the age of consent, even if they are ‘willing,'” Hess explained. “We show that on screen and we don’t shy away from the fact that our female leads in the first half of the show are coerced and manipulated into doing the will of grown men.”

She added: “It’s not necessarily what we would call rapists or abusers, but it’s often well-meaning people who can’t see that what they’re doing is traumatic and oppressive because the system they’re all in living normalizes it. It’s less obvious than rape, but just as insidious, albeit in a different way.”

While House of the Dragon will include rape and sexual violence, the acts will not be gratuitous.

“Sexual violence in general is difficult to portray,” Hess admitted, “and I think the way we think about it as writers and creators is unique to our particular stories.”

The 10-episode “House of the Dragon” takes place 200 years before the events of “GoT” and focuses on the civil war that split the Targaryen clan.

Written by George RR Martin recently criticized with HBO women’s series during San Diego Comic Con.

When asked why the rulers of Westeros surrender intent on not having a queen atop the Iron ThroneMartin replied that the series is based on historical facts.

“I’m inspired by history, and then I take elements from history and turn it up to 11,” Martin explained. “Game of Thrones, as many people have noted, is very loosely based on the Wars of the Roses. [‘House of the Dragon’] based on an earlier period of history called anarchy.’

He added: “I don’t think Westeros is anti-women anymore more of a misogynist than real life and what we call history.’

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