Collector Aura Dan (R-Mendham), who was publicly considered campaign in Congress last month, announced today that it will not run in the 11th constituency against MP Mickey Cheryl (D-Moncler) this year.

“I will not be a candidate for Congress in 2022,” Dan said in a statement. “The tremendous support and encouragement I had for the CD-11 race was incredibly humiliating and inspiring. I very much weighed this decision, as well as every action I take as a civil servant and a member of the 25th constituency. ”

Dan added that while she would have liked the opportunity to “tell the truth to the authorities” in Washington, she felt her voice was also important in the state legislature.

“I am needed in Trenton and will continue to fight against excessive government, our accessibility crisis, inequality in our education system and constant attacks on parental rights,” she said.

The 50-year-old Dan, a former chief aide to MP Rodney Frelinghausen (R-Harding), began considering the campaign at the urging of several Republican leaders, concerned that there was no clear contender in the field to oppose Cheryl; her entry could change the game to a primaries from the Republicans, where none of the six running candidates have yet lit up.

The daughter of a U.S. Marine, a Purple Heart recipient and a Vietnam veteran, Dan was raised by a single mother who worked as the only female student on a construction site. She later became a lobbyist for Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers, and also worked for U.S. Senator Arlen Specter, then a Republican from Pennsylvania.

In 2018, Dan made an unsuccessful bid to become the freeholder of Maurice County, and she once again lost in the Republican primaries in 2019 in the State Assembly. But when MP Anthony M. Buk (R-Boonton) was elevated to the State Senate to succeed his late father later that year, Dunn won a special convention to replace him, and won re-election in 2020 and 2021.

Her Victory of 2020What happened with President Joe Biden’s nine-point victory in her constituency was marked by the fact that it received the highest number of votes – 64,469 – among all candidates for the New Jersey Assembly since the modern constituency was founded in 1973.

Without Dan in the race, candidates will likely be County Commissioner Maurice Typhoon Selenium, Maurice County Republican State Committee member Larry Cash and former Assistant District Attorney Paul Pas de Grut.

DeGrut won the Republican organizational line in Passover County and raised $ 112,115 in the 4th quarter, more than anyone else in the area.

Selenium, the former mayor of Chatham, won the 2020 general election with 52% of the vote after Biden became the first Democratic presidential candidate after Lyndon Johnson, who ruled Maurice County. He also has support many local elected officials in the county, but in the 4th quarter it was greatly surpassed.

Former President of the Council of Kinelon, Cash participated in the race in October and raised $ 94,675. He briefly challenged Cheryl in 2020, but dropped out of the race after Republican leaders cleared the field for attorney Rosemary Bechi, who moved from 7th District to 11th.

Also in the race are former Ridgefield Park board member Robert Kovich, who has my approval State Sen. Ed Dar (R-Swedesboro), but not caught otherwise; lawyer Larry Frisch; and U.S. Army veteran Toby Anderson.

Three other candidates, who previously ran in the 11th, have moved to different constituencies: 2021 gubernatorial candidate Phil Ritz to the 7th districtformer Republican National Committee member Tom Toomey to the 6thand realtor Patrick Quinn to the 9th. Fourth, screenwriter Hillary Brotshall, completely finished his campaign.

One last potentially strong candidate, county surrogate Maurice Heather Darling, refused to run away.

Anyone who eventually wins the Republican primaries will have to face Cheryl in a constituency that has been redesigned to become much more democratic; due to the acquisition of dark blue cities such as Milburn and Maplewood, Biden’s gap in the county increased to about 17 points, much more than now seven.

Cheryl was first elected in 2018 when Frelinghausen decided to resign, and Cheryl stepped down with a dominant margin of 15 points against Assembly member Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains). She won her second term against Vienna in 2020 by a margin of seven points.

Cheryl in her second campaign this year raised $ 2,956,409 in 2021 and sits on a giant shirt for $ 5 million.

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