A man from Cyreville was sentenced to prison for causing a fatal motorcycle accident that killed his passenger on Route 35 north on the Old Bridge almost two years ago.

An investigation by Officer Henry Penley of the Old Bridge Police Department and Detective Eric Larsen of the Middlesex County Attorney’s Office found that on July 16, 2020, at approximately 11:50 p.m., 29-year-old Jack Piatek of Seyreville was riding a motorcycle. intoxicated when he lost control by throwing both his and Jessica Vinsko, a 36-year-old South Amboy, out of a motorcycle and his passenger, according to information provided by Middlesex County Attorney Yolanda Chicone and Acting Chief of Staff Joseph Mandala Adola police.

Vinsko was pronounced dead at the scene.

Petek was subsequently charged with numerous offenses and later pleaded guilty to murder in a second-degree car and driving under the influence of alcohol.

On February 24, 2022, following the sentencing of Assistant Attorneys Keith Abrams and Caitlin Poggi, Judge Pedro J. Jimenez, Middlesex County Supreme Court, sentenced Piatek to eight years in prison on one of the counts of murder in a second-degree car.

According to the statement, Petek must serve 85% of his sentence before he is entitled to parole.

After his release, Petek will be deprived of his license for 15 years.

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