Given 500 guesses, it’s unlikely that anyone will ever fully account for the nonsensical line-up of guests who walked the red carpet together at the alt-right provocateur’s Nashville premiere Candace Owens‘documentary film The Biggest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM. The bingo-card-from-hell presented none other than the recent a vocal anti-Semite Kanye West, homophobic slur Kid Rockand Ray J for some reason.

The biggest lie ever peddled premiere was a who’s who of the worst people you know. MMA fighter Colby Covington stopped by to look friendly alongside West, Owens and Ray Jay despite making blatantly racist remarks about his black opponents. Donald Trump became the common denominator of their interests. Earlier this year, Ray J brought in an admitted abuser Kodak Black to meet with the former president. Meanwhile, Covington has built his entire career as a fan of MAGA.

In accordance with ETcountry musician Jason Aldean also attended the premiere with his wife Brittany, who just weeks ago received a storm of backlash in response to transphobic comments that led to her husband’s ad firm of 17 years dropping him from its roster, Maren Morris came up with the ultimate comeback insult: “Sell your music videos and zip ’em up, Rebel Barbie.”

West and Owens were connected to each other for many years. Back in 2018, the rapper tweeted, “I like the way Candace Owens thinks.” To this she answered a proposal that no one asked or needed, “I need you to help wake up the black community.” Lately, their no-nonsense mission to bring Negroes out of their imaginary stupor culminated in the debut of West’s longsleeves “White lives matter” shirt. West and Owens showed off matching merchandise in Paris last week while showcasing their new Yeezy line at the YZY SZN 9.

Their presence together in Paris was pointless, but the fact that the documentary premiered in such close proximity to their heinous and racist actions is only made worse by the fact that it took place at the historic Woolworth Theatre. The venue, located in Nashville’s historic downtown district, once hosted some of the first lunchtime sit-ins during the civil rights movement. It’s also a place where it’s late Congressman John Lewis received his first arrest for civil disobedience after being beaten and burned by customers during a protest in February 1960. (The building is actually on a street recently renamed after the civil rights hero, Rep. John Lewis Path.)

Aldean’s brother-in-law Chuck Weeks, country singer and sometime Dancing with the stars contestant, oversaw the conversion of the historic Woolworth building into an 850-seat theater. In an interview with Tennessee, he said all references to the historic sit-ins will remain, as will the original sign. “It’s always been here, and we’re going to keep it here,” Weeks said. “What’s important to us is that whatever we can preserve in this building to preserve the legacy of what this building was continues to be.”

That’s it.

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