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Brig. General Blaine Holt said “Jesse Waters prime time“There are economic approaches on Friday United States could make it a more “difficult way” for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strategy.

Blaine Holt: It is time to complicate Vladimir Putin’s decision, and this should be a multi-layered approach. And while I like the presentation of a force that shows his abilities, and let’s be honest, he doesn’t play in Ukraine, and from here it gets harder for him militarily. But economically, we can absolutely tomorrow start drilling, pumping and oil entering the economy to start lowering the price of his strike and a number of things we can do around the world to make it a much harder way for Vladimir Putin’s real strategy. .

So I hope that tonight our leaders are holding very serious consultations, both at home and in NATO. Vladimir Putin is going to keep going until he finds Zelensky and kills him or detains him. And it’s very serious, and the atrocities we see on the ground show us how far they are willing to go. So while there may be no Article 5 from NATO in our future, of course, nothing is stopping the United States from testing its power with airspace, cyber assets, and demonstrations of force. You know, President Zelensky asked for a no-fly zone. I’m not sure our leaders have it on the table, but we definitely need to look at one of our strongest points, it’s American logistics, and we need to absolutely supply Ukrainians with all classes of stocks tonight.


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