Glenalden, Pennsylvania (WPVI) – A closed-door meeting was held in Glenalden, Pennsylvania, on Thursday night after a recent video call that recorded a racist dialogue involving several firefighters.

Officials are still figuring out who made the comments, but Briarcliffe Fire Company 75 station was temporarily shut down after the audio appeared.

Action News was not allowed to meet at the Briarcliffe fire company, but sources say it had to discuss whether action would be taken against those who made comments.

Action News contacted several members of the fire company and county officials about the outcome of the meeting, but we received no response.

Some of those present at the meeting could be seen jumping over the fence to avoid our cameras, some covered their faces and others refused to talk about the meeting.

The initial video call was to discuss the consolidation of services between fire companies Briarcliffe, Goodwill and Darby Township.

When county and state officials declined the call, members of the Briarcliffe fire company allegedly stayed and participated in a discussion that included racial insults and insulting remarks against African Americans in the area.

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“A bunch of damn n — down there,” one man said during a discussion of the Black Darby Fire Department. There were also comments about Chief Darby.

“He’s just a piece of shit,” one man said.

Another comment called the African-American chief a racial word, as the speaker recalled a time when the chief was in one of the Breircliff cars, to the wrath of a firefighter.

“F — s — and he’s looking at the truck,” the man on call said.

Someone who mocked Fanta Bility was also recorded in the damn video call. An 8-year-old girl killed by police guns in Sharon Hill.

“Fanta soda, yes, orange or grape Fanta,” one man said during the call, smiling, even after being told the girl had been shot dead by police.

Firefighters who made the alleged comments were unaware that other firefighters were on the line from Goodwill Fire. One of them was Deputy Chief Tim Eichelman.

“What they said was very discriminatory in nature, and we are not in favor of that,” Eichelman said.

The Briarcliffe fire company remains closed until the investigation.

The next Darby Township meeting is scheduled for March 9, but it is likely to be moved to high school due to high public interest in the matter.

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