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President Biden’s administration is sending out mixed reports of alleged Russian war crimes during a long invasion of Ukraine.

Asked on Friday whether there would be a blow to the Ukrainian nuclear power plant are a war crime U.S. Government White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said internal investigations are still ongoing.

“We have an internal inspection that lasted until last night to gather evidence and data on the attack on civilians, on the reported use of horrific military weapons in Ukraine,” Psaki said.


“It’s a long process. We have not drawn any conclusions. It is a legal inspection and a process that goes through the administration. “

However, the US Embassy in Ukraine said on Friday morning that the Russians had committed a war crime.

“Attacking a nuclear power plant is a war crime. Putin’s shelling of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant makes his reign of terror one step further, ”the embassy tweeted.

Hundreds of civilians were killed after Russian troops began bombing towns across Ukraine numerous reports. At least one cluster hit the hospital, killing four and injuring 10.

The first Geneva Convention of 1864 prohibited attacks on medical personnel on the battlefield.

“We cannot confirm the existence of cluster munitions on the territory of Ukraine, nor can we confirm the use or existence of thermobaric weapons inside Ukraine. We have seen reports of them mobilizing their reserves, ”U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said Wednesday.

“We cannot confirm these reports. So instead of speculating on what this might indicate, I would just tell you that we have seen them, but we cannot confirm these reports.”

Cluster munitions are explosives that contain smaller bombs. They can strike large areas and destroy entire civilian neighborhoods.


Ukraine’s foreign minister last week accused Russia of “war crimes” after he said Moscow had attacked a kindergarten and orphanage and promised that Ukraine would send evidence of the attacks to The Hague.

Several buildings in Starobelsk in the Luhansk region of Ukraine have suffered significant damage as a result of shelling, according to footage released by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.
(State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies)

“Today’s Russian attacks on kindergartens and orphanages are war crimes and violations of the Rome Statute,” Dmitry Kuleba tweeted, referring to the agreement establishing the International Criminal Court.

According to Fr. guard report. Recently in Russia blocked investigation of war crimes committed during the Syrian civil war.

Adam Shaw of Fox News participated in the report

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