Portrait artist Nanet Fleur of Matawan has been selected as the winner of the 2022 Manhattan Arts International HerStory.

Fleur’s painting “Lotus Grows in the Mud” was selected from world records based on originality, innovation and technical skill; art that has a significant impact on the viewer, inspires contemplation and penetration, and transforms individuals, the press release said.

Judge Rene Phillips wrote: “It is a great honor and pleasure for us to choose Nanette Fleur as one of the artists participating in the 2022 Manhattan Arts International” HerStory “with her painting” Lotus Grows in the Mud. ” I also presented Nanette with an award for membership in the artist’s showcase.

“Upon receipt of her work, it was immediately apparent that she possessed remarkable artistic talent in realistic portraiture in addition to masterful landscapes and still lifes. Her extraordinary attention to discovering the essence of her subjects with technical prowess received this highest award. I was also impressed when I learned of Nannet’s many professional accomplishments.

“In addition, Nanette uses her talent to contribute to positive change in the world. She donates part of her fees from her portrait commissions to Smile Train, the world’s largest craft repair organization, ”said Phillips, who is the founder, director and editor of Manhattan Arts International.

With more than two decades of professional experience, Fleur has created portraits that hang in public and private collections around the world, the press release said.

Known for her sensitive portraits and demanding technique, Fleur has received awards from renowned institutions, including the Center for the Renewal of the Arts, the Portrait Society of America, and the School of Visual Arts, where she studied the technique of old masters under John Frederick Murray.

Most recently, American artists honored her with their award for outstanding achievements.

Fleur’s work has been presented at the European Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, ​​the Butler Institute of American Art and the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as at six museum exhibits of contemporary American realism in China, the press release said. .

Manhattan Arts International runs the annual HerStory Women’s Art Exhibition. According to the press release, his mission is to present the annual HerStory exhibitions until there is a fair and equal balance of women artists represented by art museums, galleries, art book publishers, large private and public collections, auction houses and the media.

To learn more about Flur and view her works, visit www.nanettefluhr.com

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