NEWARK – The New Jersey Center for the Performing Arts (NJPAC), known for bringing world-class entertainment close to home, presents Ancient Aliens LIVE: Project Earth, a new live experience that celebrates the long-running Ancient Aliens program on HISTORY. Join this 90-minute interactive conversation featuring ancient astronaut theorist Giorgio A. Tsukalos, author David Childress, and mythological researcher William Henry to discuss conceived extraterrestrial theories on fans’ favorite topics from Ancient Egypt to ancient Disclosure.

This live performance will take place on Friday, May 12, at 8 p.m. Viewers will explore questions as old as the planet itself: have aliens visited our planet, are they here now, and when will they reveal themselves?

Tickets can be purchased by visiting NJPAC.org or by calling 888.GO.NJPAC (888-466-5722) or by visiting the NJPAC box office at NJPAC, 1 Center St., Newark.

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