LOS ANGELES – The audition continues American idol from Nashville, Austin and Los Angeles this Sunday night and we know that at least one participant leaves Katy Perry speechless!

This participant is not Leah Marlene, a Toronto native who moved to Normal, Illinois at a young age. She’s definitely NOT normal – “stupid and stupid” as she puts it. However, Leah impresses the judges.

According to her biography, she grew up in a house full of music. Her father is a songwriter and lead guitarist with a Canadian ban, Honeymoon Suite. Leah has been performing since the age of 10 and spent 2 years in Nashville studying music at Belmont University.

She can sing 2 songs for the judges, including the song One Direction “Steal My Girl”.

Christian Guardina is a New Yorker who reached the semifinals of another talent show at the age of 16. He also won the 2014 Grand Prix at the Apollo Theater “Amateur Night at The Apollo Stars of Tomorrow”.

He is now several years older. Here’s his look at Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey” from 2020.

Isaiah Jayy is an R&B singer and songwriter, the dancer was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. Isaiah says he started singing in church when he was 7 years old. His grandfather is the lead singer of the gospel group Mighty Cloud of Joy. Isaiah says the journey wasn’t always smooth, but he found his voice.

A native of Virginia, Kennedy Anderson is trying to make a sensation at auditions in Los Angeles, and in at least one promo you can see him waving a coveted platinum ticket. Does she really understand that? From a video on a certain entertainment news site, we know that her performance leaves Katie speechless.

You will need to watch to find out, but she has a great voice.

Kennedy’s cover of Ariana Grande’s POV can be seen at TikTok but also look at the song she wrote after she turned 17:

I don’t think Miss America has ever auditioned for American Idol so far. Betty Cantrell of Warner Robins, Georgia, won the Miss America crown in 2016. She won a talent contest that sings opera!

She has since been married and is now named Betty Maxwell. She made a country career in Nashville a few years ago, but has since moved to Florida. Betty also has a lot of fans TikTok where she not only sings but also makes impressions.

Luke Taylor another contestant with a huge TikTok following (almost 2 million!). The 20-year-old student from Thornton, Delaware County and a student at the University of Liberty, has an extremely deep voice. Check out his cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.

Lady K. of Alabama, also known as Keziya Estonia, has been involved in music since the age of eight. Now 25, she already has 4 solo albums, but dreams of becoming the next idol.

Born in Hollywood, Curtis Bell grew up in Texas and Louisiana, where he said local musical influences inspired him to become a performer. He himself learned to play the piano at the age of 10, and later he himself learned to play the guitar. Curtis says he likes to bring back the sound of yesterday with a new flair!

Tune in to American Idol starting Sunday at 8pm on ET / PT | 19:00 on CT at your local ABC station and the next day at Hulu.

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