Resettlement agencies provide assistance to hundreds of Afghan refugees with housing, health care, food, work, education and child care in New Jersey. They look forward to the support of individuals, religious groups and NGOs in their efforts – assistance that is very important to them. manage an unprecedented number of cases.

The greatest need, according to resettlement groups, are monetary donations, as well as information about available rental apartments and jobs. Agencies and their community partners are also looking for volunteers to set up and furnish apartments, buy and deliver products and teach English, among other roles.

The Resettlement Agency and the U.S. Department of State have also announced new opportunities for individuals, groups, and houses of worship to sponsor and provide guidance and support to refugees as they adapt to life in new communities.

Volunteers gather at the Pasayk County Islamic Center, which sorts and organizes donations of clothing, baby food, diapers and personal care items for Afghan refugees who are temporarily at the McGuire-Dix Lakehurst Joint Base.

How to help:

Refugee Resettlement Agency have information online with a list of ways to donate or volunteer to help Afghans in New Jersey. These include International Rescue Committee, World Church Service and Interfaith-RYZ.

Public organizations help with rentals, English lessons, food donations and donations, among other needs. These groups include Global emergency response and assistance in Patterson, Welcome home, Jersey Cityand One world, one love at the summit. The cornerstonebased in Princeton, provides refugee counseling.

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