NEW YORK – Yankees manager Aaron Boone did not believe that his serving coach deserved punishment.

Matt Blake was ejected in the third filing of 5-0 defeat of the White Sox in Sunday’s doubleheader’s game 2 Yankee Stadium.

“It just shouldn’t have been thrown out of the game,” Boone told reporters.

It was Blake’s second removal in his career, and it happened after repetitions revealed that the judges made a mistake during the call.

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White Sox Tim Anderson hit the dribbler to the left, which he knocked out at first base when starting pitcher Luis Severin slipped and fell while trying to pick him up. But Umps missed that the ball actually hit the front of Anderson’s left foot and that it had to be called a foul.

Boone expressed his disappointment with plate judge Greg Gibson, and they talked for a while before Gibson met with the other judges. After the conversation they wanted to resume the game, but Boone said a few more words for Gibson, and Blake tweeted from the dugout.

Boone said what Blake said was essentially harmless.

“He said, ‘You missed it,'” Boone said. “It simply came to our notice then. Good. “

Then Boone said Gibson ruled with too heavy a hand.

“And that’s it – here we are, now I’m going to associate this mistake with (behaving like) the sheriff in town,” Boone said.

For a moment Boone said that perhaps Gibson was throwing him out.

“It’s such an overreaction,” Boone said. “Such an overreaction.”

Boone called Blake’s words “a misunderstood comment.”

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