The alleged killer is in shock The hiring murder case that sparked New Jersey politics in recent months on Thursday confessed to killing a Jersey City political operative eight years ago and then took thousands of dollars as payment from the man’s former partner.

George Bratenis, 73, appeared in a video conference before Judge John Michael Vazquez in Newark to plead guilty to the May 22, 2014, murder of operative Michael Goldieri.

Speaking from a federal prison, Bratenis confirmed in a gravel voice that he had met with Goldieri’s former partner Sean Caddle in April 2014 to prepare for the assassination and agree on payment.

A month later, Bratenis and his partner Bomani Africa entered Galdieri’s apartment and stabbed him to death. Bratenis said he met Caddle the next day at Elizabeth’s diner to raise the thousands of dollars promised to him and then share the profits with Africa.

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