Just over a third of New Jersey residents say they still wear masks indoors, more than half of the state say they are willing to get vaccinated against Covid every six months, 56% of parents who vaccinate children under five if available. and 68% of people agree with Gov. Phil Murphy’s decision to lift the mandate for students and school staff, according to a Rutgers-Eagleton poll released Monday.

More than half of the state (54%) feel “very comfortable” returning to normal two years after the onset of the global health pandemic, while 33% feel “somewhat comfortable”. However, 11% of New Jersey residents are “not very” comfortable and 3% “not at all” are willing to return to normal life.

“The imposition of school masks is one of the last notable public health emergencies in Garden, and we believe its completion is welcome for many New Jersey residents,” said Ashley Koning, Associate Professor and Director Eagleton’s Public Interest Survey Center at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. “Parents, as well as guerrillas of all stripes, agree with the termination of the mandate, albeit to varying degrees. However, the differences are significant and reflect the debate over the issue of camouflage, which often confronts politics and public health with each other. ”

Of the 68% who agree with Murphy’s decision, 46% strongly agree and 22% strongly agree, but 12% strongly disagree and 18% strongly disagree with the termination of mask mandates in schools.

“More than half of New Jersey residents believe the pandemic is not technically over, but they are mentally and emotionally ready for it,” Koning said. “Many New Jersey residents are coming back to life and coming back to normal, even though the pandemic will be there for a while.”

About half of the state (49%) believes the Murphy administration was “right” in the steps they took to fight the pandemic, but 32% believe it has gone too far, and 17% believe the state government has not gone far enough .

After Murphy’s last briefing on COVID-19, just under half (49 percent) of New Jersey residents believe the measures the New Jersey government has taken to fight the virus since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic were “just right” when they look back on the last two years. 32 percent say the state has gone “too far” and 17 percent “not enough.”

A further 49% of the state believe that New Jersey residents should keep a course on masks and vaccines, while 34% want the state to do less, and 16% would prefer them to do more.

“The pandemic has become another contentious issue that has political implications for local, state and federal elections in the near future,” Koning said. “Views on how the state has coped with the pandemic have been more divided since the beginning of it all two years ago.”

The poll did not publish party affiliation or demographics.

Rutgers-Eagleton surveyed 1,044 adults from February 25 to March 4 with an error of +/- 3.5%.

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