In New Jersey there is a raft of officially designated state symbols: The The endangered marsh turtle was the last invest in the ranks when Governor Phil Murphy in 2018 signed a bill calling it the official state reptile. Among a number of other lofty species he joined the state animals (horse), birds (eastern goldfinch), insects (bee), butterfly (black swallow), fish (trout), tree (northern red oak).

Most states have similar lists – and options on the topic. In Wisconsin, for example, there are state confectionery (Kringle); North Dakota has a state march (Flickertail March), Kansas has state soils (Harney loam), and Mississippi has state toys (teddy bear).

But even though 30 states have a coastline – only on the ocean or the Great Lakes 15, including New Jersey, came to the point of naming the state shell. New Jersey is generous (Busycon carica). Some of you may know him better as a jungle and want him as part of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. Other states that have taken a decisive step are Alabama (Johnston’s youth); Connecticut (Eastern Oyster); Delaware (a channel that is similar in appearance to our brush); Florida (horse shell); Georgia (cool woman – and, yes, they got there before us, getting the designation in 1985, while New Jersey got to it only in 1995); Massachusetts (New England Neptune); Mississippi (Eastern Oyster); New York (Jolly Comb); North Carolina (Scottish Hat); Oregon (Oregon hairy newt); Rhode Island (Kwahaug); South Carolina (literal olive); Texas (lighting) and Virginia (eastern oyster).

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